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An open-world game that combines platforms, puzzles and a lot of action in a large city that can be freely explored and is full of characters, stories and adventures.

Timothy vs the Aliens is a platformer, adventure and action video game where you will play as a gangster named Timothy, who lives in a black & white period and fights against the full-colored aliens that have invaded his city.

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The game combines exploring the city with many moments of action in ambushes by aliens and enemy gangsters, and also with lots of puzzles to find keys to open doors, help other characters, find items and access blocked or hidden places.

Timothy will always be well-equipped to fight against the aliens, so we will be able to use different powerful weapons like a machine gun, a shotgun, a magnum, a revolver, grenades…

As you go through the city, you will find money scattered all around and hidden in some objects, which you will have to break by shooting at them. The collected money will be added to Timothy’s wallet and can be used to buy items from the Gunrunner.



Timothy theme

por Mangu Díaz | Timothy & The Aliens

Alien theme

por Adrián Berenguer | Timothy & The Aliens