As part of the PlayStation® Games Camp program, we have recently had the chance to show Timothy vs the Aliens to different media and speak about the concept, the development and the objectives we want to achieve.

Past March 24th, we and our colleagues from Chibig and Catness Game Studios were invited by Aitor Pilán and Pablo Albuixech to their program on CV Radio, where we had a nice chat about our projects and studios.

You can listen to the postcast  Carta de ajuste 4×27 – podcast

On March 28th, PlayStation® held a presentation at center Matadero, in Madrid, where we and all the teams participating in PlayStation® Games Camp presented our games. The event was covered by a large number of media and here we have gathered some articles that talk about Timothy vs the Aliens.

News on Telemadrid

Article on Zona Red

Article on Vandal