It all started when Timothy was a child living in a fishing village. One day, he was abducted by a group of aliens that were part of an organization that tried to save planets. After telling him that an invasion would come to Earth in the future to devour everything, they gave him the only tool that could save the planet. So that the tool would go unnoticed, these aliens had converted it into an ordinary human object: a deck of cards. Timothy was thrown back to Earth, and he just continued with his pranks.

Some years after, Timothy has become a very influential gangster and, thanks to his fruitful business, his small village is now a large city where gangs and corruption are the norm. However, Timothy has completely forgotten about what the “planet savers” had told him and has taken no care at all of the cards; he has actually misused them in the most surreal ways and now he only keeps the Ace of Hearts. But it comes the day when the voracious aliens touch down and Timothy has to find the way to stop the invasion.