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•  Developer: WildSphere

•  Genre: Platforms, Adventures

•  Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4

•  Release: 31/07/2020

•  Price: 19,99€/19,99USD

•  Regions: Europe, America and Australia/New Zealand

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Guide Naught through deep underground labyrinths


Naught is a videogame that tests the skills of the players, who will control the environment and guide the main character, Naught, through a dark underground world riddled with mysteries.
Naught offers a unique control, and a varied and enjoyable gameplay in 40 levels where the players will find numerous dangers and challenges, valuable items, hidden areas, underground mazes and more, in addition to discover an exciting story and enjoying a time trial mode to unlock all the secrets.


Main features


⦁ Unique control where the player will change the environment by rotating the world to guide the character.

⦁ Varied gameplay with numerous challenges, valuable items, hidden areas, underground mazes, time trials…

⦁ Unique art style, mainly black & white.

⦁ A captivating story with a strong emotional baggage. Based on real emotions and narrated in the form of metaphor.

Challenging the gravity and time


The control of Naught is agile and fluid, allowing very quick and sharp movements which allows the Time Trial mode where the player needs to complete de level in a given amount of time.
The player will use the left stick or shoulders to rotate the world and change gravity, making the character move in response to that. In some parts of the levels, these changes of gravity allow the character to move without touching the ground.


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