Naught is coming on September 17th

We are thrilled to announce our next launch, Flying Soldiers, will arrive for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on September 17th.

Flying Soldiers is a puzzle video game in which the player will take on the role of «captain» to lead a group of recruits with different skills and bring them safely to the safe area of the battlefield. During the tour, they will encounter a variety of death traps that the player will have to help them avoid, placing means to make the walk of these crazy birds as less fatal as possible.

In the 45 levels that make up the game, the player must ensure the survival of a minimum of birds to complete the level, as well as get the medals that will allow you to climb to the top of the commands, always with the humor and action that accompanies the game at all times.

The game will cost 14.99€/17.99$ and will be available worlwide.