Flying Soldiers is NOW AVAILABLE for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The countdown is over and you can now get our latest game Flying Soldiers on PS Store and Nintendo eShop.

These birds are about to enter the battlefield to fight the most lethal dangers in the history of the kakapos: themselves. Your goal will be to deal with their clumsiness and save them from certain death, since they cannot fly. Combine their unique skills with the available items to make their journey as safe as possible. Some of them will fall, don’t worry, you will be able to repeat the mission until all these birds survive.

If you like the idea of playing a superheroe (for birds, obviously), don’t miss out the chance of saving 20% during this launch week on eShop. For PS4, we will launch an exclusive bundle of downloadable avatars. Are you gonna miss it out?

*cover image provided by @KundaDaSilva