About us

Initially born as “Blue Shadow Games” in 2008, and refounded in 2014 as WildSphere, we are a video game development studio based in Spain, but aim to create world-class games for all the platforms. Passion to detail, focused on goals and commited with quality is what define us.


Our soul? The team:


Miguel Díaz

I have finished my education in Animation and Modelling in 2006 and then started working as 3D artist. Also I’ve worked for Genoma Animation for a couple of years in the creation of the TV series Suckers and other animation projects, and for Virtual Toys in the development of video games for Nintendo DS. At the end of 2008, I’ve set up by my own as individual developer and during the following year I’ve launched on iOS two video games created by myself: Light and Crosak. At the beginning of 2010, I’ve co-founded Blue Shadow Games together with a friend and worked as co-director, principal programmer and 3D artist for this company until it was dissolved at the end of 2013. In 2014, I co-founded WildSphere, where I work on art, programming and game design.



Irene A. Guardiola

I graduated in Translation and Interpreting in 2009, and up to then I had collaborated with Miguel Díaz in some projects. After graduating, I started working in software localization and technical translation, for RM-Soft (as Project Manager and translator) and as freelance translator. At the end of 2010, I joined the team of Blue Shadow Games, where I worked on communication, localization and programming. In 2014, I graduated in Computer Engineering, with specialization in Computer Graphics. After that, I co-founded WildSphere, where I work on programming, game design and communication.



Francisco Javier Moya Pérez

With more than 15 years of experience, my career developing 3D interactive projects started in 2001, within a virtual reality consulting company. Since then I’ve successfully worked on multiple projects covering serious games, advergames, simulators and interactive applications. My main roles are concept artist, generalist artist and level designer, and I’ve also worked as texture artist, modeller, rigger and animator. I also have a strong technical background, including script and c++ programming knowledge.
Although my official education is digital electronics, I’m a self-driven and a self-taught person, and both my innate curiosity and my growing interest on the videogames field, along with a natural flair for drawing and design, fueled my research on 3D real-time technologies and videogame development. After all these years of work and personal experience, I can affirm that what I like the most is to create fullfilling and unforgettable videogame experiences.



Juan Ruiz Martínez

I started my education in the mid 90’s, learning CAD/CAM & 3D and shortly worked as a freelance in furniture design and refurbishment. Motivated by the world of video games, I worked as main modeller in several projects for a consulting company, like simulators and VR games. After this, I finished my studies in Modelling and Character Animation, working for «Genoma Animation», in modelling, texturing, lighting and animation in the TV series «Suckers». Since 2012 to the present, I’ve worked for WildSphere on several of their games as 3d modeller and general artist.


Mar Durbá Guardiola

I studied phsycology at University of Valencia finishing in 2012.  Then I did an internship in 2013 with  the Leonardo-ADEIT program in London in Human Resources at a headhunting Enterprise. I have been working during the last three years in public administration. My rol in WildSphere will be marketing and countability area, working as a producer assistant.



Rubén Pineda Navarrete

I started my studies in Physics at the University of Valencia and soon discovered that my real passion is making video games. I studied the master’s degree in Advanced Programming at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and learned to use Unity3D in my first steps in this world, which allowed me to work in studies such as FrameOver. Later I founded Pokó Games together with other colleagues, with the title Recurring Nightmare as finalists of the IV edition of PlayStation Talents. After my departure, I joined the WildSphere team as a programmer.



Ana Nuñez Carpintero

After graduating in 2D, 3D Animation and Videogames from EISV School (Escuela de Imagen y Sonido de Vigo) in 2016, I started working in an internship at Gato Salvaje Studio as a 3D modeler. Later on I moved to Valencia to study for a Master’s degree in Videogames at PrimerFrame School, which I graduated from in 2018. Shortly after I started working at Pokó Games in the game «Recurring Nightmare» for PS4 as a technical artist and animator, and now I joined WildSphere’s team.




Mariola Trenzano Álvarez

Since I was little my attention was drawn to technology and video games. For that reason, I studied a degree in computer engineering at Universidad politécnica de Valencia – Campus d’Alcoi. During this period I reconsidered a professional dedication related to videogames so, when I finished my studies I attended a master in 3D videogames in Valencia where I finally discovered my real passion, 3D modelling.



                                                 Daniel Vidal Terrades

The first thing I decided to study was Photography and Image editing, after that I switched gears and got into computing by studying Development of Multiplatform Applications at the Henri Matisse Institute, there I discovered my passion for programming. After that, having had in my mind for years the idea of working in the videogame industry, I decided to continue studying and got a Certificate of Higher Education in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Media at the “Florida Universitaria”, which I complimented with the Master’s Degree in Independent Game Development. After that I worked at Flynn’s Arcade, where I developed “Impossible Runner Dash” aka “Hexa Gravity” working as a programmes and game designer, I have also developed “Anyone’s Diary” for PS4, being a member of World Domination Project Studio as a Programmer, Game Designer and Project Manager. I am currently working at WildSphere as a programmer, while assisting in some minor design matters when required.


  Rafael Siles Taboada

I studied mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Jaén.
After a while I discovered my passion for working in the creation of 3D art.
I completed a double High Technical Certification in Audio-visuals, Radio and Performance Production and 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environment at ESCAV (Escuela Superior de Comunicación Audiovisual).
After that I worked in an internship in Greyman Studios. When I finished this internship, I went on to continue my studies at Digital Arts and Entertainment in Belgium where I Majored in Game Graphics Production, now I joined the Wildsphere’s team to complete my end of studies internship.



 Julián Sanjosé González

I was since my 12 to 18 years old in drawing academies where I learned different types of art, charcoal oil, mandey waxes and sculpture.
After that, I did a master of graphic design where I learned to photoshop ilustrator and in-design.
I spent several years working on montages and photographic retouches.
Finally I made a superior degree in videogames and interactive environments in La Florida Universitaria in Catarroja. There I specialized in modeling and texturing but I have knowledge on animation, rigging, level design and concept art.


Oscar García Cruz 

Drawing and video games have been two great hobbies that I have always had, after studying illustration at the EASD I discovered the world of 3d and how it could complement my knowledge. After completing a master’s degree in 3d production and acquiring knowledge in a self-taught way, I entered the PlayStation talents program located in valencia. Now I can turn that knowledge and experience into something real in WildSphere being a part of the team as a 3D Artist.