Best Children’s Game – PlayStation Talents 2016

11 Ene

On December 20th, 2016, it was held the awards ceremony of PlayStation Talents 2016 and we were awarded the Prize to the Best Children’s Game for Timothy vs the Aliens.

Irene Guardiola and Michel D. from Wild Sphere after the awards ceremony

You can watch the video of the full event here:

Let’s go to Mars!

11 Ene


Available on:

Link to Let’s go to Mars on App Store (iOS)
Link to Let’s go to Mars on Google Play (Android)
Link to Let’s go to Mars for PC download (Windows)

Link to Let’s go to Mars Website project

Launch Trailer


Explore Mars!

Let’s go to Mars is a scientific graphic adventure in which you will land on Mars, explore the surface of the planet, build a permanent base for the arrival of your colleagues, collect and analyze Martian samples, and face the many dangers that exist in the red planet. Take care of your oxygen and energy levels or you will fail in your mission!

“Let’s go to mars” is an application for mobile, tablets and PC developed by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC), Wild Sphere & Laniakea Management & Communication in the context of the H2020 project “UPWARDS: Understanding Mars planet”. Funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness and the H2020 european program.


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Timothy vs. the Aliens

30 Jun

Timothy vs the Alies

What is Timothy vs the Aliens?

Timothy vs the Aliens is an adventure and platform video game where you will play the role of a gangster named Timothy, who lives in a black & white period and fights against the full-colored aliens that have invaded his city. The aliens have come to Earth looking for any living thing to eat and they are terrorizing the city. This situation could endanger Timothy’s reputation and position — if the aliens gain control of the city, he will lose everything he has achieved after many years of hard work. So he decides to take things into his own hands and defend his title of King of the City. It will eventually turn out he is the only one who can defeat the aliens.


It all started when Timothy was a child living in a fishing village named Little Fish. One day, he was abducted by a group of aliens that were part of an organization that tried to save planets. After telling him that an invasion would come to Earth in the future to devour everything, they gave him the only tool that could save the planet. So that the tool would go unnoticed, these aliens had converted it into an ordinary human object: a deck of cards. Timothy was thrown back to Earth, and he just continued with his pranks.

Some years after, Timothy has become a very influential gangster and, thanks to his fruitful business, his small village is now a large city where gangs and corruption are the norm. But what happened to the tool that would save the world?

Timothy vs the Aliens


You will control Timothy, a gangster with the ability to run, sprint, jump and fire his machine gun (and other weapons) at the aliens and at other objects, which can be done focusing a target to shoot at. These controls also allow Timothy to drag objects, collect items and interact with other characters and with the environment.


The game takes place in Timothy’s city, which is divided into different open-world areas that can be accessed from one to another. The areas can be freely explored and there will be many items, secrets and secondary missions that can be completed whenever you want. But there will be zones that will be exclusive to the main missions (quests) of the game.

All the areas of the game are completely 3D. The scenes include platforms, jumps, dangerous objects to dodge, interactive objects, puzzle sequences, collectable items, and, obviously, enemy aliens.

Art Style

The environments and items of the game are inspired by the big American cities in the 1920s and 1930s. However, we do not intend to exactly depict that period, rather we want the game to give the feeling of the gangster movies of that time, that is why we decided to make everything black & white. The characters are also inspired by the trends and concepts of that period, including how Martians would look like. But the aliens are not in black & white because they don’t actually belong to the gangster world, they come from another planet and they would probably have developed “full color” technology. This will give rise to some missions where Timothy is within the alien spaceships and everything is in color, except him.

Naught Reawakening

30 Jun



Available on Steam

Link to Naught Reawakening on Steam

Launch Trailer


Play with gravity to guide Naught through a mysterious underground world where darkness is a relentless enemy that takes many forms. Naught Reawakening is an adventure and platform game that challenges your skills giving you full control of Naught and his environment.

Naught Reawakening includes amazing features that reinvent platform game style. Naught is characterized by procedural animations that allow him to adapt his movements to the surroundings by holding on to walls, modifying his way of walking depending on gravity and the ground surface, and pushing objects in a unique and dynamic fashion. Naught can also take advantage of skills like jumping and diving to solve puzzles, avoid stalking creatures and fight dark monsters. Help Naught escape from darkness and recall his memories in hidden levels.

In Naught Reawakening you will find more than 30 levels that include 3 bonus levels, big enemies, diverse gameplay, time trial mode for every level and loads of secrets.


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30 Jun

Available on the App Store

Link to the App Store


Warning! Warning! Unexpected objects approaching! The hyperspace path is no longer clear and you will have to drive the spaceship out of this massive cloud of asteroids and space junk.

Use the new-gen weapons equipped in the spaceship to destroy the objects in your way and shoot up your pilot score. Clearing the path will also be rewarded with more power for the hyperspace engine, which will launch the spaceship into different levels of hyperspace. Lead the ranking and show you are the best pilot in the universe.

“What if I crash?!” you may ask. Infinite reparations are provided totally free by our sponsors, so they won’t cost you a cent. Just an ad after some plays, but unlike the asteroids, they won’t be unexpected, so forget about undesired clicks and intrusive advertising. Want to contribute with extra funding? You can buy an IAP that removes advertising and also gives you an in-game gift that will boost your fire power.

This game has been developed by Wild Sphere (Michael D. and Irene A. Guardiola). All graphics, code (powered by Shiva Engine) and music are original and have been created specially for this game. We hope you enjoy it!


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30 Jun


Gameplay Video


Get ready for the most insanely addictive and playable game your phone has ever encountered! Ninpoop will have you jumping, flying and swinging through deady obstacles like a frog outta hell. With intuitive controls and classic graphics, it’s easy to start playing, but tricky to master. Have you got the skills and brain power to leap your way to the top? Play with four different characters, each with their own special immunity, and compete against your friends. How high can you go? Win rewards with height missions and other awesome daily challenges. The endless combinations of levels and scenarios make for endless entertainment!

Don’t be a nincompoop, download it now!

– 4 different characters, each with their own advantages and immunities
– Incredible power ups for each character
– Endless combinations for endless entertainment
– Win coins by completing height missions, and other rewards with daily missions
– Compete against your friends and see who can climb the highest


 iPhone_1242x2208_imagen_1 iPhone_1242x2208_imagen_2 iPhone_1242x2208_imagen_3

iPhone_1242x2208_imagen_4  iPhone_1242x2208_imagen_5

Naught Reawakening featured as Editor’s Choice

11 Abr

Naught Reawakening was launched last Thursday, April 9th, for iOS on the App Store and it has been featured as Editor’s Choice in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and more countries. It has also been featured as one of the Best New Games of the week in more than 100 countries.


We are currently working on Naught Reawakening for Steam. It was approved by the Greenlight Community and will be available very soon!

Working to contribute to R&D

1 Mar

We enjoy trying new technologies and developing new solutions. One of the projects we are most proud of is a graphic engine made from scratch by Irene Guardiola using OpenGL and C++.


It was started as an engine for Android devices for her Final Year Project (awarded with distinction) but, as it is written in native code, it runs on PC and can be targeted to many platforms, so it is very useful as starting point to test lots of new ideas.


Graphic engine by Irene A. Guardiola, Tech Demo running on Android:

Past, Present & Future of Wild Sphere

26 Feb

Here is an overview of the projects we have developed or have plans to develop.

  • Video games created and published during the time we were part of Blue Shadow Games and before.
  • Video games developed since the founding of Wild Sphere: Ninpoop and Naught Reawakening
  • Projects currently under development: ??????: The Three Guardians for Steam and console
  • Tech demos
  • Concepts for future video games: Pi_To, Mind/Tangent, Chaotic Gun Miami…